About … the work

In my work there is a subtle trace of rhythm and subdued feelings of sadness and melancholy. I like to think these are the opposites of “roars-of-laughter” and brash statements.
My starting point is usually from a photograph, either taken by myself or stumbled across in a publication. I tend to work with a consistent motif in different executions. Opposing dramas play themselves out in my work, often with dual undertones – and somewhat shy participants.
Shapes and movements fascinate me. Shapes that appear momentarily as strangers sit next to each other, shoulder to shoulder, in an audience or as passengers on a bus. To for a moment share the same space, and then never meet again…
I’m inspired by people’s inter-relationships as well as their so called weaknesses. I draw inspiration from stage art, particularly theatre and dance. My work is often focused on the pauses between acts, the delicate moments between the main events. The moment where something has happened, or is just about to happen. Recently, soon, never.
I mostly paint in oil and egg-based tempera and draw in charcoal. Often I blacken the paper entirely and then switch between erasing and drawing to reveal the motif – like a film negative developing, but in reverse. I have more recently started to document this process of subtractive and additive drawing in a frame-by-frame animation series.
I started working as an artist after many years as a journalist.

Born. 1966

Art Education - all in Sweden

Konstskolan i Stockholm, 2003-2004
Konstlinjen - Birkagårdens folkhögskola - paint, sculpture, drawing 2004-2007

Stand alone courses at Gerlesborgsskolan i Bohuslän